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Le Sticker Pack



Le Sticker Pack is a project led by Tougui and Ekiem, two French artists from the digital arena of the 2000s.

Lulled by the skate culture during their teenage years, then carried by the wave of Art during their studies, these two artists developed over the years a vibrant graphic universe with acidic character, an electrical echo of mascots and cartoons icon from the 60s.

This sticker, sometimes sticked on a pole, a mailbox, a skateboard or on any other medium, sometimes closely guarded in a blister packaging, in a file or piled up in a shoe-box, across time. Witness of a time, a brand, a graphic style, a savoir-faire. It’s a powerful communication medium, that has only limit the scope’ of his message and where he is sticked. He marks the medium with his content as a bullet hit on a wall.

With their common passion for this object, they created Le Sticker Pack. This is an illustration compilation where they invite, in each new edition, an artist to complete the pack with a sheet of stickers.

The project was and is being possible thanks to the collaboration and the support of the printing company Ton Logo Partout, based at Gap in France.