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Proyecto Ensamble – Serie 4

The release of Proyecto Ensamble series 4 was programed to be released in the last trimester of 2012, along with all the “End of the world” roll and all that nonsense. Delayed but finally materialized, the new Proyecto Ensamble series 4 “The Edge” is been presented in Hotel W.

For complementing the release, we made some series 4 referent shows during 2012 and 2013, under the concept of “The Edge”. The first one was made in PumaLab in GAM the 12/12/12(excellent date ha!!) in which we show customs in a 8″ Proyecto Ensamble template. The invited artists where Jose Carcamo, Pablo Inda, Miguel Molina Saldivia, Tomas Ives, Alen Lauzán, Gabriel Garvo, Carlos Alexis Velasquez, NewFren y Cesar Grotesco Fuentes.
This step was fundamental as an introduction for our new series, and the final show got promoted for another show in Juventud Providencia, where we made some workshops too with excellent results.

For all this reasons is that we are very happy and excited to present the new artists that will make up this series of Proyecto Ensamble.
In the first place, Alberto Montt, that collaborated with us with his so classic heaven and hell imaginary. The contributions of the invited artists were designed under the “Chaos / End of the world” concept. Everyone of them achieving excellent graphic results. Among them are Crin (Italy), Pascal Cuttoli A.K.A. Royal Glamsters (France), Tweedlebop (USA), Jorsh Peña (Mexico), Salazad (Indonesia), Ty Wilkins (USA), Wilmer Murillo (Honduras), Tougui (France). Obviously we can keep out our Chilean artists, that’s why we included a bunch of them with excellent levels. Starting with Shhipp (Chile), Miguel Molina Saldivia (Chile).
Besides that, you can find a super extra of the series, that can be collected in series 1 of Proyecto Ensamble, this is Carlos Alexis Velásquez A.K.A Monsterbird.

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